Implementing A 3 Way Match Process For Accounts Payable

accounting 3 way match

DocuPhase delivers process automation, document management, and capture tools designed to help your enterprise stay organized and meet evolving technology and business needs. The three-way match takes the information considered in a two-way match and adds the receiving report. With this type of processing, your team must exchange more information with the vendor to make an informed decision. By verifying what was received from the vendor, the buyer can either approve the invoice as submitted or negotiate discounts related to variances. As a best practice, the accounts payable department is responsible for handling the three-way match process. In some businesses, purchasing and accounts payable are under one roof. However, because AP is often separated from the team responsible for raising purchase orders, these teams are in a position to coordinate between the areas of the business.

accounting 3 way match

Businesses are rapidly adopting AI and OCR for data capture and integrating it with ERP, content services or accounting software and robotic process automation software. We cite examples of businesses adopting advanced OCR systems to gain significant efficiencies and competitive advantage. With paper-based three way matching of invoices with supporting documents, approver delays can result from procrastination, heavy workloads, resolving questions with the requester, and business travel. Some fraudulent companies may bill the business for unordered office supplies or other products or services not delivered. Without supporting documents to match the transaction, an exception should occur to prevent payment.

Accounts Payable Performs Three Way Matching

SAP has a very robust process for ensuring that invoices are matched against the PO and GR. In this three part series, first, we’ll review the business process and how SAP enables it. Second, we’ll discuss handling variances through posted invoices in MIRO.

Audit software can seamlessly sync with an ERP system already integrated with AI-driven, OCR data capture. The Enterprise plan offers more features, including a dedicated Account Manager, personalized 1-1 team training, and a higher security and control level. Nanonets exports data in the computer language you prefer to your choice of apps. Cummins, P&G, and Sherman Williams are Fortune 500 industrial companies using Nanonets to accomplish OCR-related tasks.

Accounting Reconciles To The General Ledger And Supervises Accounts Payable

Three-way match accounting is the best way to mitigate those concerns. The process involves comparing all these documents for accuracy and consistency.

accounting 3 way match

It can be difficult to accumulate all the information needed to process an invoice, which often results in delayed payments and upset vendors. One way that AP departments can reduce invoice processing times by up to 70% is by automating the invoice matching process, ensuring an accurate three-way match. Tipalti is the automation solution for all the AP woes that companies with manual matching processes are experiencing. Invoices are sent and received through email or web portal, which makes processing payment almost effortless. Invoices can be sent in batches for a more organized business processing.

Evolution Of The 3 Way Matching Process

Accounts payable will need to resolve these types of recurring issues. Like purchase orders, invoices are sequentially numbered for internal control, which aids the invoice matching process. In order to simplify the three-way matching process, you might consider excluding smaller value invoices and recurring invoices from the three-way matching process. Recurring payments can be verified at setup, leaving zero room for fraud. Similarly, it’s counterintuitive for fraudsters to try defrauding an organization of small-dollar micro transactions. Three-way matching provides transparency into a business’s relationship with vendors and suppliers so it’s easy to see their supplies to the business and the payments they’ve received for them.

Why does a 2-way match fail?

2-Way Matching

Quantity billed is less than or equal to quantity ordered. Invoice price is less than or equal to purchase order price.

The Purchasing Department in a medium to large sized organization lives up to their department’s name. They work closely with Finance to understand the proper use of General Ledger account codes in order to produce accurate financial reports.

Now assuming an organization process 300 invoices per month and the average cost of processing is $20, a staggering amount of $72000 is being spent annually to process those invoices. Such high processing cost drives an organization to look for process efficiencies. As companies work with more suppliers, the increase in transactions and documentation can bring about higher risk of mishandling or accounting errors. After the supplier invoice is verified and approved, payment is authorized to the vendor. They protect your company or organization from over payments, under- delivery as well as outright fraud. 3 way match and 2 way match are critical aspects to the purchasing and invoice payment process.

The Difference Between A Packing Slip & An Invoice

Not all companies need or will use an inspection report, so this fourth step isn’t always possible. Plus, the additional step can add valuable person-hours to the process. However, some companies might choose this process just to be more thorough in their accounting. Let’s contextualize that definition with an example that demonstrates how three-way matching plays out, and how it intersects with somesteps of the procure-to-pay process. In this example, let’s say you’re handling accounts for a hospital that’s ordering 1,000 surgical masks, priced at $3 each. Tech advances in OCR include using computer vision, working with unstructured documents, and applying deep learning algorithms and natural language processing . Users can opt to seamlessly integrate with robotic process automation platforms like UiPath to automate three-way matching using bots.

Routable helps companies speed up their business payments using a secure invoice and bill payment platform. If a supplier did not provide information related to shipping or surcharge costs on the PO, these line items will be a red flag on an invoice.

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Duplicate invoices are automatically flagged and escalated, and mobile-friendly email notifications and alerts are built in to remind approvers. Most importantly, you gain visibility into the status of every invoice at every step of the process. Even if your AP team can view POs and receipt of goods data electronically in your system so you can match received orders against POs, what about the invoices? Corcentric’s three-way matching capabilities eliminate the extra steps involved when invoices are received as paper or .pdfs instead of e-invoices.

accounting 3 way match

The check stub is attached to the supporting document , and then filed. There are several ways for an organization to set up their receiving department. Some companies have a central receiving location while others may simply have a loading dock or even just a reception desk in a lobby. The invoice contains the quantity that the vendor claims to have sent and the costs that they say you owe. Procurement creates a PO as usual and the PO information is used by the SaaS provider’s AP matching automation solution. This is the way the purchasing department and accounting departments would ideally handle every B2B transaction. If an expected delivery date isn’t close to the delivery date on the PO, the vendor should communicate any delays or backorders with the customer and get an agreement.

This guide will walk you through exactly what three-way matching is, why it matters, how to improve it, and more. These top 5 habits will set up your AP department to consistently deliver better value to your business. As a reference point, Nanonets support believes that it usually takes two to eight hours to train a model. If it takes longer to train your model, consider upgrading your Nanonets software plan. Users can train and retrain the model with a Nanonets machine learning algorithm using a sample of data with labels or select a pre-trained Nanonets model. Retraining and repeated use of a model improve accuracy in OCR detection .

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Line item data refers to a product or service that has been added to an invoice along with its relevant quantities, rates, and prices. Header data is all other information on an invoice such as invoice number, total price, and document date. A PO is a document that confirms an order from procurement to a vendor. Typically this document will include the purchasing company’s name and address, date, product/service description and quantity, price and PO number. If erratic entries are coming from a procurement agent, for example, you can investigate the cause. This document is created by the supplier that documents goods or services that have been provided to a buyer. It includes supplier information, a unique invoice number to help track the payment, payment terms including benefits for early payment, and should include the PO number for reference.

Accounting Guidelines For Accounts Payable & Disbursements

Trust between suppliers and buyers is one of the benchmarks of a successful business. If you’re keeping good records and subsequently paying invoices correctly and on time, it helps build loyalty between parties. Show that you value your relationship with them, and they’ll see you as a reputable partner. Invoice – Both Procurement and Accounts Payable will confirm that the PO and Receipt of Goods match and submit the vendor invoice for approval and payment.

  • A data platform built for expansive data access, powerful analytics and automation.
  • Though it’s a popular method, three-way matching isn’t the only way to cross-reference and check orders and invoices; there is also two-way and four-way matching.
  • The manual PO match process is massively inefficient and prone to error.
  • If the accounting system is fully automated, all those forms can be retrieved and examined within seconds.

Still, the three-way match process is an effective business practice for both suppliers and buyers. By acquiring, requiring, and matching the three documents, businesses can ensure a fool-proof and secure payment process.

Purchasing assists the Finance Office with regard to payment of invoices by providing information related to purchase orders. One of the major drawbacks to three-way matching in accounts payable is the time taken accounting 3 way match to verify individual pieces of data on each document, especially line item data. Automating the process means that the data is automatically verified and only exceptions are flagged for manual verification.

Procurement then issues a reviewed and approved purchase order and submits it to the vendor. A good audit trail that tracks the flow of cash in and out of a business is indispensable whenever you’re faced with an audit. Whether it’s from the government, investors, or other vested parties, three-way matching creates a robust paper trail that’s useful for verifying how much legitimate expenses a business has made. Three-way matching helps businesses track the origin of invoices and confirm their legitimacy to avoid fraud. Here a breakdown of how three-way matching can benefit your business.

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